Our purpose

Skupinski Rebirthing, Avgust 2020
Rebirthing oddih, Julij 2021

We wish you to accept yourself.
We wish you to live yourself.
We wish you to live for yourself.
We wish you peace in your heart and clarity in your soul.
We wish to you say no when you feel it

No matter who you are or where you come from, we wish you to be fine.

We want freedom for all freedom of expression, movement, residence and creation. We want to coexist with nature and all its parts. We want conscious fellow human beings. Our mission is to hold space for various meetings with ourselves, with fellow human beings and other elements of creation, sound, silence, fire, water, air, earth, etc. To make you feel that we all come from a whole we call the universe, life energy, or God.

To share our knowledge and experience and thus help create a new way of living on Earth.

Connecting experiences and understanding them, without both parts integration is not complete.

Thank you for being paths of conscious life.

If you want to know more, then we enter the field of personal experience. You are Welcome to join us.


Road to Rebirthing

I first heard about Rebirthing in 2002, after my first experience of it, I was so attracted to the topic and I came across teacher Diane Roberts through Sondra Ray and others. From there, it took over life.

My first rebirthing was one of the hardest trials of my life. After a thorough education on this topic, I realized that I was breathing incorrectly for the first time and no one warned me about it.

We will create a safe and pleasant atmosphere so that remembering, accepting and letting go of burdens will be as easy as possible.


Group Rebirthing, August 2019

“Ziga Hun Caban
“ You have to be rested to live ”

I am a reflexologist, musician and guardian of wisdom. I like contact with pure nature, with the elements of creation,… peace of heart. I encourage creativity, ingenuity, courage, freedom of thought, satisfaction in life. I am the author of music, words and various practical products and services.

You can find my music on Spotify, Apple Music ..

I am happy to participate in the grounding of a free, happy, simple and healthy world. I hold the space for various activities, from drumming, sound and creative workshops, to rebirthing and various thematic meetings. More (and most) about my products currently available online (worldwide): www.severinkroj.com in www.shamanika-love.com

Annamaria Prezelj

I am a researcher and lover of life. I explore the fields of psychology, astrology, dimensions of Rebirthing consciousness, music, vibration, states of consciousness, destiny, touch, poetry, menstruation, art, photography, and self-love. Self-love, understanding pain and human experience is, according to all my research and experience, the key to a perfect life. I am also a master of Usui Reiki, and a professional athlete, I would also write that I am different every moment, because no moment is the same.