Group Rebirthing

"In short: I come to rebirthing because I feel really good after it"

– Nejc

Pri skupinskem Rebirthingu udeleženci nimajo ves čas vso
pozornost supervizorja.

Zato jim mora biti dovolj udobno, da so sami s svojim
procesom, a se zavedajo, da niso sami. Pomoč bo vedno zagotovljena.

To ne pomeni, da ne morejo iti globoko in da seja ne more biti
tako močna kot seansa individualnega rebirthinga.

Nekateri bi rekli, da je to naslednja stopnja.

Za koga?

Priporočljivo je za ljudi, ki lažje izražajo svoja čustva v zunanjem svetu ali so do sedaj opravili kakšno individualno seanso ali že poznajo kaj nosijo.

Udeleženci v skupini in njihov proces lahko tudi drug drugega spodbujajo k občutenju in izražanju določenih občutkov, ki se pojavljajo le v skupini ali v odnosu do drugih ljudi ali zunanjega sveta.


Rebirthing nikakor ni namenjen samo razreševanju porodne travme, kot nakazuje ime, ampak prebujanju v pravo naravo, v pravo resničnost, v nam skupen mir, jasnost, pripadnost, sprejetost…

Naj vsak zaživi svoj najvišji potencial, naj vsak čuti sebe, druge, naravo in življenje.
Naj teče,

Kako in kdaj?

The session lasts 4h and more

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At a festival junij 2020
Rebirthing Retreat, 2021


Rebirthing Retreat, 2021

Some comments from participants of our
group rebirthings

..rebirthing is for me a gentle way to get in touch with myself and bring to the surface what is hidden, whatever it is.
Then lovingly accept it.
Nejc would say without philosophizing for a short time that he goes to rebirthing because “he feels really good after them”


I attended the rebirthing once, it was something new I wanted to experience, I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I needed to get to know it.

And really ... it was a wonderful experience, unknown to me, but at the same time so relaxing that I knew it wouldn't be the last Rebirthing.
Thank you for that experience. >


It is truly a life experience that makes a person feel reborn and more alert.
Thank you for these unique moments when a person really connects with himself.


I was lucky enough to have my first experience with rebirthing technique outdoors, in a beautiful sunny clearing by the creek.

With this technique, we go back to the time of our birth, where many of our programs, according to which we work in life, originate. Some serve us, and some hinder us from living our full potential and talents to the fullest.

With rebirthing, we can become aware of these programs, learn how our body responds to them, and we find new ways of working.

Annamaria and Žiga are a harmonious couple, if I had to describe them in one word, I would say they are compassionate.
They closely monitor each participant's rebirthing and encourage them when they are at transformation points.

Strong experience. Thank you for it!


The experience of rebirthing is really hard to describe, as it varies according to the individual, current well-being, expectations, and perceptions themselves.

When I described the experience of rebirthing to someone, I had the feeling that my interlocutor did not understand me.
I also noticed in a conversation with practitioners of this technique that we have experienced it in different ways.
In any case, it is one of those necessary if we want to walk the path of freedom.

What I will have left in the eternal memory are the turning points when I breathed really lightly.
Literally and figuratively.
This feeling was extraordinary .

.Thank you Žiga and Annamari for exceptional warmth and care during the technique itself .



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